Le Lotus Bleu Add Cells Banks

PRESET Demo Play Mode Music Style Comment BANK Mod Wheel
ARP Hi Clubbing Saw LtZ No ARP Elektro Acid but cool arpeggios ONE Fade Out
Band C3n_TheChords LtZ No Split Elektro Ternary beat + chords ONE Filter Tweak
Bass Creepy PhAaz LtZ No Mono Elektro Creepy bass ONE Filter Tweak
Bass EBass Xvel Ltz Yes Mono All Deep analog Ebass. Velocity sensitive TWO None
Bass EbassErsatz LtZ Yes Mono All Brilliant rez analog Ebass. Velocity sensitive TWO None
Bass Fretlessology LtZ Yes Mono All Fretles analog Ebass. Velocity sensitive TWO Fatifier
Bass MW XtrmePwm LtZ No Mono Elektro elektro porta bass using NY // compression TWO Filter Tweak
Bass Seq Bass1 Delay LtZ Yes Mono Elektro Vintage Goa bass in delay TWO Filter Tweak
Bass Seq Rezzz1 Delay Lt No Mono Elektro Elektro rez bass in delay TWO Filter Tweak
Bass TakCbassInVerb LtZ No Mono DNB Very Deep bouncy analogic Cbass TWO Filter Tweak
Bass WooferTerror LtZ No Mono Elektro Smoth Infra Bass to layer with other bass TWO Hugifier
Bss DeepAnalog LotuZia No Mono Elektro Very brillaint power bass TWO Filter Tweak
BS Hovercraft -Leg- LtZ No Mono Elektro Huge Unisson bass TWO Filter Tweak
FX 1mileFromRave LtZ No Split Elektro Bass Drum party beat + Bubble FX ONE Filter Tweak
FX Acid Rain LtZ Yes Poly Elektro Acid rez schlirpps : play an organ gissando to get the feel ONE None
FX Analog Horses LotuZia Yes Both All Horses analogic gallop ONE Filter Tweak
FX BellsErratic LtZ Yes Poly Movies Hi rez erratic bells ONE Filter Tweak
FX BellsScaringMice LtZ No ARP All Mouse and percs seq ONE Filter Tweak
FX CreepyThings LtZ No Mono Elektro Pitch EV then percs and delay ONE Filter Tweak
FX NoteOff LfOid LtZ No Mono Elektro Huge LFO Elektro FX that is triggered by note off Bonus Filter Tweak
FX Pitch Thing MW LtZ No Mono All Mounrnig pitch pad blended with an helicopter Lfoid thing ONE Fade out
FX SEMI LORE LtZ Yes Mono Elektro Precussive sequence followed by a HUGE picth warp on release ONE Filter Tweak
FX Fluent In Morse LtZ No Poly Movies Aquatic Morse Beat ONE Filter Tweak
FX Pitch Games LtZ No Poly Elektro Rez blip hit + pitch fall ONE Filter Tweak
FX Star War Toys LtZ No Poly All Future gunshot ONE Filter Tweak
KEY BossAccordian LtZ Yes Poly Lounge Analog accordian TWO Add Layer
KEY CheezMonoPoly MW LtZ No Poly Elektro Huge electronica glide keys TWO Filter Tweak
Key ClaviPhaZ 01 LtZ Yes Poly Elektro Tronic clavinet with huge phazer groove TWO None
KEY EPianoDark LtZ No Poly All Electronic piano reminding Juno keys Bonus Filter Tweak
KEY FatFunkyChords LtZ Yes Poly Funk Funky Moogish keys TWO Funk It
Key Floating Keys LtZ Yes Poly Chill-Out Evanescent dark keys in delay Bonus Filter Tweak
KEY HarpVibes LtZ Yes Poly Cool Harp keys with tack attack TWO Vibrato
KEY HauntedHouse LtZ No Poly Movies Pitch wizardry for horror movies TWO Filter Tweak
Key HugeKeySTABS LtZ No Poly All Mettalic keys stabs TWO Darker
KEY KeyPAD 01 ParadiZe No Poly Cool Pad + keys cool pads for rock pop TWO Mellow ++
KEY Lounge Stabs LtZ No Poly Lounge Very short stabs keys TWO Filter Tweak
KEY nCoOoLStringz LtZ Yes Poly All Pad + keys cool pads for rock pop TWO Filter Tweak
Key Organ CompWha MW LtZ Yes Poly Rock Deep organ with wha on MW TWO Wha
KEY Organ Delay LtZ No Poly Cool Organ with top bells in delay TWO Wha
KEY OrgLoungeTrem LtZ Yes Poly Lounge Electronica hit keys with spacious reverb and long release TWO Brighter
Key Pianet Hi Log LtZ No Poly All Tiny pianet in delay Bonus Mellow ++
KEY PIanoStringz C LtZ Yes Poly All Piano + stringz pad TWO No More Pad
KEY PIanoStringz 2 LtZ No Poly All Pinao + stringz Bonus Filter Tweak
Key ReverseSTABS LtZ No Poly Lounge Reverse (accordian attack) keys w groove delay TWO Mellow ++
KEY RHodesTrem-Wheel LtZ Yes Poly All Analog Rhodes keys with trem on wheel and dynamic delay on vel. TWO Tremoloe
KEY Soft Bells LtZ No Poly Cool Soft bells in delay TWO Filter Tweak
Key TangoNeon LtZ Yes Poly Lounge Inverse vel on this modernist tango keys TWO None
KY Vaporgan Trem LtZ No Poly All Tremoloe soft vaporous organ Bonus Filter Tweak
KEY VelocYdeLay LtZ No Poly Lounge Short keys stabs with delay/vel Bonus Filter Tweak
KEY VibesOnPad LtZ No ARP Cool Smooth bells + groove pad triggered by arpeggios. Play sustained TWO Filter Tweak
Key VibratOooO LoTuZia No Poly Electronica Cheesy vibrato keys layeered with…. Cheesy pad TWO Filter Tweak
KEY VocoKorder MW LtZ No Poly All Vocoded keys with wha vocoder fx on wheel TWO Formant
Key WavyOrgan MW LtZ No Poly Electronica VocoOrgan TWO Formant
KeyPad BrainedBonZes LtZ No Poly Electronica Voco keys + bonze woyawoya shuffle (play sutain and you'll see) TWO None
KEYS FULL KEYS LtZ No Poly Rock Standard full keys for pop rock TWO Filter Tweak
KY Heavy Funk CLAV LtZ No Poly Funk Fat unisson moogish clav TWO Filter Tweak
Ld FatDistorama LtZ Yes Mono Rock Hard guitar heroe like lead with huge vezlocity sensitivity TWO Distorsion
Ld Harpaggedon LotuZia Yes Poly Cool Harp lead morphing into porta lead 1od TWO Morphing
Ld LogBagPipEs LtZ Yes Poly World Analog prota bagpipes TWO Vibrato
Ld MW HugeSaw 3oct LtZ Yes Mono Elektro huge saw lead in dely TWO Filter Tweak
Ld Organic 5Th LoTuZia No Poly All Organ with 5th inside and peak at hih vel Bonus Filter Tweak
Ld Riverdance LotuZia Yes Poly Cool Dance lead unisson with big velocity sensitivity TWO Mello ++
Ld SawLead III LtZ Yes Mono Elektro wavy saw lead in delay with vocal feel TWO Filter Tweak
Ld Trancy Lead LtZ Yes Poly Cool Dance lead unisson with big velocity sensitivity TWO Mello ++
Ld VoCo Loco LotuZia No Mono Elektro Lead vocoder crunchy voice TWO Try
Ld Vocoder One LoTuZia Yes Mono Elektro Very Clear Lead vocoder voice with DaftPunkish feel TWO Formant
Ld-Tron BP Warrior A LtZ No Mono Elektro Elektro lead with a vocal back partial Bonus Filter Tweak
Lead Alpha LtZ No Mono Elektro Elektro glide lead with huge velocity/filter TWO Filter Tweak
Lead DelayMechanics I LT Yes Mono Electronica Sweet glide lead with delay groove wizardry. Best played leagto TWO Filter Tweak
Lead DirtyWhaLfO LtZ No Mono Elektro Combination of wha and groove gate rythm TWO Filter Tweak
Lead DlicatWha GatDel Lt No Mono Elektro Gated delay synth Bonus Filter Tweak
Lead East Orkestra LtZ No MonoPoly All Mono-Poly Insert bass HITS and build a thema around HITS MW : Morph Fantasy Bonus Filter Tweak
Lead Flutish Voicing LtZ No Poly Electronica Flutish voicy lead TWO Filter Tweak
LD Gentle Wavy LtZ No Mono Electronica Wavy lead in delay TWO None
Ld Grand Instable LtZ No Poly Elektro Huge unisson instable lead with perturbations Bonus Filter Tweak
Ld GrainyLead I LtZ No Mono Elektro Very fat and grainy lead Bonus Filter Tweak
Lead HardSyncStacca LtZ No Poly Hard Staccato hard disto lead TWO Filter Tweak
Lead Hi Rez Lead LtZ No Mono Elektro glide rez lead with unisson huge velocity/filter TWO Pitch
Lead MonoPoly II LtZ Yes MonoPoly Elektro Allaince of poly Keys With MonoPorta BuZZ Play large ambitus TWO Wizardry
Lead MonoPoly LtZ No MonoPoly All B careful one partial is poly and the other is mono TWO Wizardry
Lead NutbushCityLim LtZ No Mono Rock Another wha wha guitar . Whawha is the Wheel of course TWO Wha
Lead Porta Lead A LoTuZi No Mono All A Porta Lead W/ Average veloc Sensitivity TWO Pitch
Lead Power5thGames LtZ No Poly All Big Power lead with 5th TWO Filter Tweak
Ld PulSawR LtZ No Poly All Classic pulse + saw pure analog lead Bonus Filter Tweak
Lead Saturax WHEEL LtZ No Poly All Guitar heroe lead. FIX STABLE WHEEL 4 dist Guitar Modulate whole plaing for wha-dist fx TWO Rock It
Lead SloOoW Lead Yes Poly Cool Slow< delicate windy porta lead. Can be used like keys also TWO Morphing
Lead SmoothGatdDelay LtZ No Mono Electronica Stange sound that may disappear if you sustain too mcuh Bonus Filter Tweak
Ld So Lead -Glide- LtZ No Mono All Classic analog glide lead with pure sound Bonus Filter Tweak
Lead StickyLead LtZ No MonoPoly All Nice lead wich combines mono and poly modes TWO Mello ++
Ld TronicMoogClav LtZ No Mono All Fat unisson moogish clav Bonus Filter Tweak
Lead Tak FuzZoid LtZ No Mono Rock Guitar synth lead with tak attack Bonus wha
Lead TriWavInSpace LtZ No Mono Elektro Elektro glide lead with unisson huge velocity/filter TWO Filter Tweak
Lead Vox Populi LtZ Yes Mono Electronica Bonze voices TWO Formant
Lead Wha Xvel LtZ No Mono Rock Glide Guitar with tak attack Bonus Pitch
Ld Bowed Viola LtZ No Mono All Solo analog viola vibrato Bonus Filter Tweak
LEAD Whistling LtZ No Mono All analog whistle Bonus None
LYR Clock Pad n Lead LtZ No Poly Cool Clock pad + lyrical lead Bonus None
ORK Ochestral Hit LtZ No Poly All Arco style orchestral patch suitable for march theme Bonus Filter Tweak
PAD 10cc Choir MW LtZ Yes Poly All Voive pad reminding 10cc "I'm not in love" ONE Voyel Formant
PAD AllIn1 OldTronicZ Lt Yes Poly All Slit : Hube Sweep bass pad + Gated chord pad ONE Filter Tweak
PAD ArpejThis MW LtZ Yes Poly Cool sweet bellsih arpeggiod + pad ONE Filter Tweak
PAD BellPad2 LtZ Yes Poly All Bright bell pad. Take care of velocity ONE Filter Tweak
PAD BellPad6 LtZ No Poly All Variant of above pad Bonus Filter Tweak
PAD BellsOnStringZ LtZ yes Poly All Deep pad with tiny bells taht appear randomly ONE Filter Tweak
PAD BellStringZ LtZ No Poly All Spacious pad with discrete bells on top ONE Filter Tweak
PAD Brass And Arpj MW Lt Yes Poly Cool Cool brass with random arpeggios nested ONE Less arp
Pad BrassLounge LtZ No Poly Lounge Lougy Tremoloe Groove pad ONE Filter Tweak
PAD BrassLoungeII MW LtZ No Poly Lounge Loungy brass with delicate hi rez ONE Filter Tweak
Pad BrassStrings1od LtZ No Poly All Very deep pad with subtle sweep ONE Sweep
PAD BrassTastic LtZ No Poly Rock Brass hit pad remebering 801 bands like Toto ONE Filter Tweak
PAD Brassy Pad II LtZ No Poly Cool Mellow brass pad with a "singing" touch. Can be played as lead brass too ONE try
PAD BroknArpj3 MW-PB LtZ Yes Poly All Animated bright brassy pad + seq ONE Filter Tweak
PAD CaptainNemo MW LtZ Yes Poly Movies Textured pad that remind the 1rst wavatable synths. Here with absolute analog character ONE Filter Tweak
Pad CoolRelease LtZ No Poly Cool Smooth Pad with moderat tak on attack and a long release with filter sweep ONE Fade Out
Pad DeepStringz MW LtZ No Poly All Animated warm strings ONE More Brilliant
PAD DeepTremoloid MW LtZ No Poly All Buzzy pad with attack foolowed by tremoloe ONE Cut Off
PAD Dream StrinGz MW LtZ No Poly Cool Animated Strings with 8th bells shuffle ONE Mellow ++
Pad Drone ReZ 3 LtZ No Poly Elektro Rezz grainy drone with plastic top ONE No Bass
Pad DronePAd A LoTuZia No Poly Movies Movie drone reminding Tangerine dream textures ONE No Bass
PAD Jamiroquai 5th LtZ No Poly All Raw pad Bonus Cut Off
Pad LfoEleKtroid LtZ No Poly Elektro Gated Lfo pad with 16th groove ONE Mellow ++
PAD LostInSpaceBells LtZ No Poly Movies resonant bells with 16th groove in big delay ONE Mellow ++
PAD Lounge Pad 01 LtZ No Poly Lounge Groove pad with groove delay ONE Filter Tweak
PAD LoungeZeClock LtZ No Poly All Pad with groove Lfo + "Clock" animation based on 8th ONE Clock vanish
PAD Mod Pad 2 LtZ No Poly Movies Epic animated pad with 16th percs part. ONE Filter Tweak
PAD MW OrkestraCool LtZ No Poly All Classic orchestral brassy pad. Can do soft stabs too ONE Sweep
PAD MW WhaBellPad LotuZi No Poly All Bell Pad.MW gives 8th groove ONE Filter Tweak
PAD OrganLfo LtZ No Poly All Smooth organ pad with tremoloe ONE More Brilliant
PAD OverSea LtZ No Poly All Gorgeous pad ONE Sweep
PAD PadOnLfo LtZ No Poly Elektro Deep pad with built in gate seq ONE Filter Tweak
PAD ReleasePad 1 LtZ No Poly All Smooth key pad with subtle filter rise on release ONE Sweep
PAD ReleaZGlissando LtZ No Poly Movies Fat brassy pad with glissando on release. Adjust release time to fit track with slider ONE Filter Tweak
PAD SoulFull Brass LtZ No Poly All Cool brass pad. Can be used as brass soft lead too ONE None
PAD StringsLoune A LtZ No Poly All Rich stringz with a bit of rez ONE HP Filter
PAD StringsLounGe LtZ No Poly Lounge Gorgeous strinz with 8th Lfo feel ONE Sweep
PAD Warm Elements MW LtZ No Poly All Animated strings with 16th tuned percs groove layer ONE Filter Tweak
PAD Warm Swell LtZ No Poly All Warm slow string pad ONE Mellow ++
PAD WhaArpOnStrgs MW LtZ Yes Poly Elektro Pad with wha seq 8th groove ONE Sweep
Pad Wide Strings A LtZ No Poly All Key strings pad with attack and long release. Bonus Mellow ++
Pad Windy Lead Birds LtZ Yes Poly Cool pad + digital rez birds in delay animation ONE More Brilliant
PAD 8th N Stringz LtZ No Poly Lounge Soft breathy 8 groove + pad. Animated Bonus Filter Tweak
Pad Animated Brass LtZ No Poly Movies Vaporous pad with animation. Bonus Filter Tweak
Pad Cool Pad VII LtZ No Poly All Pad with voice background Bonus Sweep
Pad Drak Pad LtZ No Poly All Liquid ensemble pad with Lfo animation Bonus Sweep
PAD FlutishArpj LtZ No Poly All Flutish pad + crystal subtle animation Bonus Sweep
PAD Moving Rises LtZ no Poly All Hit soft full pad Bonus Filter Tweak
Pad Orchestral -Vib- LTZ No Poly All Orchestral pad Bonus Sweep
Pad RichOrganiZed LtZ No Poly All Organ based pad Bonus Filter Tweak
Pad WhaOn8ths II LtZ No Poly Elektro 8th groove elektro pad ONE Filter Tweak
Pad WhaOn8ths LtZ No Poly Elektro variant of above patch Bonus Filter Tweak
Prc Otto Kick 01 LtZ No Latch Elektro Wonder rez tek bass drum with delay shuffle Bonus Filter Tweak
SP BrassGamesSoft LtZ No Split Cool Split : Drone + delicate brass lead ONE Vibrato
SP Dark 8ths MW LtZ No Split Elektro Split : Bass seq arp + whaish lead ONE Filter Tweak
SP Dark 8thB MW LtZ No Split Elektro Variation of the above Bonus Filter Tweak
SP OwhBass Ebongoes LtZ No Split Chill-Out Split : Ohm Vocoded bass + tronic bongoes groove ONE Filter Tweak
SP ViolinChinaGirl LtZ Yes Split Movies Split : Orchestral bass + Vibrato violin ONE Filter Tweak
SP WishYouWhere LtZ No Split All Split pad + space guitaroid Bonus no pad
SP-FX PurDrone-Bells LtZ No Split Elektro Split : Pure drone + nasty huge porta bells Bonus Filter Tweak
Split India 2006 LtZ Yes Split World Split Tampoura drone + sitar lead ONE Filter Tweak
SPLIT PlckBss-RisePad Lt No Split All Split : Ternary pick bass groove + Large psweep pad ONE None
SPlit TripBassNkords LtZ No Split House Split : Bass sequence + house chords ONE Filter Tweak
SP-SQ Fade 2 Grey LtZ No Split 80s Split : Bass sequence + Deep pad ONE Filter Tweak
SP Groove n Brass LtZ No Split Chill-Out Split : Tech synth groove + braassy lead Bonus Filter Tweak
SQ Percussives16th LtZ No Seq Elektro Simple synth sequence in 16th groove Bonus Filter Tweak
ST Spacious Strings LtZ No Poly All Spacious strings w full bottom bass and semi buzzy top Bonus Filter Tweak
SY Bouncy Wap LtZ No Mono All wap lead synth Bonus Filter Tweak
SY Delay Grooves LtZ No Mono Lounge Space synth drenched in delay Bonus Filter Tweak
Sy GroovZatDelay LtZ No Poly All Tiny wind attack synth Bonus None
Sy Trnc Gate LtZ No Poly Elektro Trance gate synt + blip noise Bonus Filter Tweak
SY TronMouthOrgan LtZ No Poly Elektro Electronic mouth organ Bonus unknown :)
STR KoOol 6StringsGt LtZ No Poly All Space "Guitar" thing in delay ONE Filter Tweak
TRON MW PlastiKords LtZ No Poly Elektro Plastic hi chords Bonus Wha
TRON VintGOAge LotuZia No Poly Elektro Classic Goa arpeggios melody line synth Bonus Filter Tweak
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Le Lotus Bleu : KORG Legacy Cell Patch List

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