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Xtrem Tweaker Grand Bundle
Xtrem Tweaker Grand Bundle
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Gloss Spells



Gloss Spells is an expansion bank of 260+ presets for Native Intruments FM8 VSTI

Gloss Spells is dedicated to musicians and producers who are into higly expressive and playable instruments. Musical genres like 80s and 90s classic vibes, Electro-Electronica, SongWriting, Trailer or Score writing, Ambient, Rock-Pop, Funk-Disco-Soul, House-2step, mainstream material did receive the focus.

It proposes an hopefully pleasant mix between Bread and Butter and unique and never heard instruments, like instant atmosphere game trailer making patches.

All the instruments have been carefully designed to take full advantage of FM synthesis incredible features, and have real time expression abilities, via the use of the modulation wheel, velocity and other misc Midi controllers.

Gloss Spells in short :

  • 260+ instruments, clearly organised and tagged for a perfect integration into FM8 embedded search engine. 
  • Includes Arps, Chord Sequences, Multitracks (25), Pads and Atmos(55),Keys, Organs, Clavinets, Stabs (79), Brass, Strings, Woodwinds(28), Basses and Keytars (29), Leads and plucks (31) Misc (28).
  • Highly expressive instruments, with many real time expression features. Very CPU Friendly instruments, all playable on a reference PIV Single Core 1 Ghz Computer.
  • Designer notes embedded in each patch, including the description of midi controllers assignation.
  • A Pdf manual including preset list, installation procedure, tips and tricks for for FM8, Operators tuning charts, Advanced mixing techniques for FM8 tutorial

Lotuzia (programmer of the bank) : "Fm synthesis can produce UNIQUE instruments, and I used all FM8 features like the 10 operators and free FM structure algorythms, wich are a pure Sound Designer dream, to create the instruments. FM8 allows very rich and precise sound sculpting, the instruments really sound breathy and alive in a mix."

Note : Gloss Spells is Mac compatible           Link to NI Fm8 Page

Minimal Requirements : FM8 V1.0, PIV 1.5 Ghz Single Core computer or equivalent. ( Recommended : QuadCore 2Ghz computer or better )

Audio Demos : As usual, these audio demos are in our naked truth style : No Fx, no EQ, no comps, no nothing : Only FM8 and internal effects were used.

Minisongs Demos : Uses several instances of FM8 playing simultaneaously ( Drums by NI Battery )

Chakadelic           Kristin's Awakening

Venus Bath ( Single instance )

Separate Instruments Demos : Only One instance of FM8 at a time during 4/8 bars.

Keys, Organs, Clavs          Hybrids and Fx

Arps and Chord Seqs

Pads and Atmos              Bass and leads

User Feedback - Echoes of the real world

Marie F (fr) in private Email

" ... Ces instruments me seront très precieux pour illustrer mes docus " These instruments will be priceless for soundtracks of documentary films ..... "

Ingonator on Kvr Forum ( Thanks for this minireview :) )

" Just tested a few of the Arpeggiator presets. Those are really fantastic. One example is "ARP PluckStory LtZ" which with an additional pad and lead sound should be almost enough for building a full song...

checking the Atmospheres. Wow, those really "shine and sparkle"....

 ..... just checked the Guitar presets inside NI Guitar Rig 4. Holy Sh**, thats really cool!! Hard to believe those are no samples. "

Marcus S ( Au ) in Email

" This is really the sound of the 80s.... ..... Thanks "

Chacka ( Kvr, commenting the audio demos )

"Impressive and tastefull"

Martin McD in Email (UK)

"Thanks - that worked.  I have the latest post kore FM8. 
And, most importantly, the patches sound great! I love the KY Octave Release.  I do allot of work for a Yoga based dance company and that kind of sound is perfect."
11/2011 Ed T.E in Email
" I've been playing with Gloss Spells for a few days and must say, excellent job! It's obvious that tons of time went into this. :) "
01/2013 Greg and Suzanne L -USA- In Email
" Your Gloss Spells sound bank is superb. "

".... Your soundsets are great. "

Charles L. ( USA) in Email, speaking of Gloss Spells AND a lot of other soundsets (2013)

You can read, or add, comments on the audio demos or Gloss Spell in  this thread on the Kvr forum

Note : If you feel you shouldn't be quoted on our site, and wish us to remove your quote, just contact us and we'll remove the quote at once

Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le mardi 20 septembre, 2011.
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