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Monopoly Schlossallee
[MP SchlossA]


SchlossAllee is an expansion bank of 78 presets for the Korg Monopoly Vsti

The Schlossallee bank covers Fx, Arp, and Sequence instruments

Taking full advantage of Monopoly's Matrix Modulation huge possibilities and of its gorgeous oscillators and filters, all the instruments in this collection make full use of the modulation wheel for expressive playing and instant pleasure.

Schlossallee covers all types of Fx, arpeggiators and sequence sounds: From the traditional to furious analog Fx to cinematic Fx or classical arpeggios with delicate and smooth sounds

  • Included PDF document with tips, tricks, list of presets with an individual comment for each preset
  • All instruments use the Modulation Wheel, as well as other controllers
  • Extensive use of the Matrix Modulation for highly expressive instruments

Lotuzia (programmer of the bank) : " The Monopoly has the same oscillator quality than its brothers Ms-20 and Polysix. It adds a brilliant Modulation Matrix, and another Korg Wonder Filter. This allows precise and versatile sound sculpture and "beyond strict analog" possibilities. A real class synth, in a category of its own." 

Note : there are 4 other available soundsets for the Monopoly, each covering a specific range of instruments.

Note : All banks are Mac compatible            Korg Official Monopoly Page

Judge by yourself and listen to our audio demos. Our audio demos only make use of the internal Fx and we only used the modulation wheel for the automations. Not a single Eq, compressor was used

Single instruments demos (only one instrument playing at a time)

Park Lane Demo (pads)         Broad Walk Demo (keys)

Champs-Elysées Demo ( Leads)   Flinder's Way Demo (Bass-Prc)

SchlossAllée Demo (Fx-Arp-Seqs)


User Feedback

 " I love the Monopoly and Vanguard Banks very much :-) "

Michel R W (Switzerland) in Email

" Don't miss this one, you'll be sorry if you don't.  No really, get them they're good ! "

NorthSouth in Kvr forum

"Got it - excellent stuff thanks!"

SWAN808 in Kvr PM

11/2008 "Thanks a lot for the outstanding banks - truly great programming!!!"

Jesper F.N -Denmark- in Email

"Some very cool and useful sounds in your collections. I would definitely recommend people to check them out!"

Sequent in KVR Forum


Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le dimanche 07 décembre, 2008.
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