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Oscarized Grand Bundle


Oscarized Bundle is an expansion bank of 270 presets for ImpOscar G-Media VSTI

This soundset includes all Oscarized One & Two material and covers Keys (90), Bass (36),Pads, Strings, Brass (53), Leads and Synths (53), Fx Percs Arps & Seqs (38)  instruments.

All instruments have been carefully designed and take full advantage of both ImpOscar additive synthesis engine and superb analog filters.

The collection focus on the following music styles : Electronica, Chill Out, Lounge, Downtempo, Song Writing, IDM, and all 70’s and 80’s music recreations.

  • Comes with a free PDF including  preset list with an individual comment for each patch, tips and tricks to use ImpOscar.
  • Extensive use of ImpOscar additive audio engine and user waves for “cream for ears” smooth and delicate instruments.
  • Extensive use of all ImpOscar’s LFOs and Envelopes retrigging features for  groove patches.

Lotuzia (programmer of the bank) : “While ImpOscar is still after all these years one of the top VA synths, and can be used to emulate some vintage patches in the most effective way, it can also explore some unique sonic territories if you combine its analog side  with the additive engine. Add the smart Lfos and the evidence is there : ImpOscar just grooves.”


Note : All banks are Mac and ImpOSCar 2 compatible       Link to Gforce ImpOSCar site

Thanks to Ben Walker All the ImpOSCar presets are now available in AU Presets format ( Please request this format in the free text area attached to each order)

Judge by yourself and HEAR THE DEMOS. (see below) All our demos only make use of our ImpOscar presets and integrated FX, except when indicated. Demos cover all our ImpOscar soundbanks.

Single Instruments Demo (only one instrument playing at a time).

Note : A very light and non obstrusive mastering reverb (IK CSR) has been added to solo keys and pads demos, as ImpOscar has no reverb.

 Keys Demo          Pads Demo

Synths & Leads & World Demo

Bass & Percs Demo

Multi Instruments Demos (2 to 4 ImpOscar instruments playing simultaneously)

FunkyTekk Demo      Lounge Demo

East World Demo             OscArgentina Demo

ElectroniKa Demo


Users Feedback

 "I love the demos, great sounding patches.

I never cease to be impressed and am often surprised at the sounds people get out of the impOSCar.
It's always nice to hear something good coming out of what I built

Jon Hodgson in KVR ( ImpOscar creator :) commenting audios demos

"After a quick run through the banks, I'm very happy. I like the sounds you
built, and especially like how you used all the parameters to offer
unusual modulations and movement

Mike B in Email

"I have paid twice to three times as much for patches from other companies that were not half as inspiring"

James B in Email

"Excellent presets for a great synth "

Morelia on KVR

"There are some excellent programmings in the demos - really love them, great job"

Bootsie (creator of great VST effects) commenting the demos on KVR

"Lotuzia's presets (which cost me like $12 and are GREAT). This is one of my favorite VA's"

Dougsyo speaking about analog synths and the Imp' on Kvr

"We've been sufficiently impressed by some impOSCar patches programmed by Lotuzia from Le Lotus Bleu that we thought we'd tell you about their bundle deal available until Sept 29th"

Gforce Corporate Site -News- (See adress above - ImpOSCar Site)

"Hello, I am having a great time with the ImpOscar presets. Very useful."

Andrew McMaster - Director of Interactive Media -

"Real good stuff! really inspiring and useful for my music"

Kinkajou in Kvr forum

"Jolis sons, bravo!"
Novaflash from Novaflash ( Vst synths ) in Kvr Forum

"I like the IMPOSCAR banks a lot and I think they'r up with the best I heard. GOOD JOB. "
Antonio CP Arte in email
" Your patches excel everything else, i found for impOscar. They're quite inspirational and inspired. There is nothing, i don't like ... so, it needed some hours to get through the whole sets. ... Thanks a lot for the patches! "
Mellotronaut in Kvr PM
"I have your impOSCarized bundle and am very happy with it"
 M.D ( Aka ZombyWoof on Kvr) in Email
" I do like the instruments. I've now browsed them all and have
started to try to incorporate them in some of my existing works. You
have managed to provide me with some very interesting and dynamic
patches here with much playability added as well. I also really
appreciate that you took the time to provide this detailed pdf
document that followed the banks! I learned a lot from reading that
Jason Anderson, Sweden - In Email
"Thanks for the great soundbanks and the prompt service.
I am astounded by the quality of these patches, well done!
best of luck

Dec/whoomph from patcharena in Private Email
"Wow, Lotuzia, The demos for your Oscarized Grand Bundle are lovely!
I can't believe I've just bought a presets bundle before the actual synth. All the best
Debby747 in Kvr  Forum 05/Nov/2010

Note : If you feel you shouldn't be quoted on our site, and wish us to remove your quote, just contact us and we'll remove the quote at once.



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