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Wave Grooves


Wave Grooves is an expansion bank of 210 instruments for NI Massive Vsti

23 March 2010 : Wave Grooves 1.3 released (51 new instruments, 3 additional audio demos, updated manual)

This soundset covers Basses (24), Keys, Organs, Grooves (75), Pads & Atmos (35), Leads (31) and Misc (45) Instruments.

All the instruments have been carefully designed to take advantage of Massive unique WaveTable synthesis and its awesome real time expression abilities.

All instruments have the 8 macro knobs populated, allowing for real time sound morphing, ultimate mangling with thousand of possible and musical variations, and a pleasurable and expressive real time playing experience

The collection focus on the following (non exclusive) musical styles : Electronica, Lounge, Glitch, Chill-out, Funk-Soul-JaZz, Rock-Pop, songwriting and Cinematic. Everything that grooves, from slow to medium-fast tempos

  • A free PDF, including preset list with an individual comment for each patch, tips and tricks.
  • Designer notes embedded in each Massive patch, including the description the function and utility of the eight macro knobs
  • All instruments have multiple real time modulation and morphing abilities, from classic to the most glitchy
  • Many groove instruments taking advantage of the groove design options of Massive.

Lotuzia (programmer of the bank) : “Massive has that full organic sound wich enables instruments to stand really well in a mix. Thanks to its great modulation features, the instruments live and breathe under your fingers. Massive doesn't just sound "phat", it goes beyond that challenge and adds on everything a color of its own.”


Note : Wave Grooves is part of our Fair Play Sales Program. Fair Play means that earlier adopters of the bank will get more than 50% free additional instruments in forthcoming updates. Find more details about Fair Play hereStep 2 completed on August 31th 2009. Step three completed March 2010.


Note : Wave Grooves is Mac compatible       Link to NI Massive site


Judge by yourself and HEAR THE DEMOS. (see below) All our demos only make use of our Massive presets and integrated FX

Single Instruments Demo (only one instrument playing at a time).

Fair Play Step 3 New Instruments 

Fair Play Step 2 - New Instruments -

( Step 2 clips 2,4,6,7,9,12,13,14,16,17,18,20,22,24 composed by Hubert Le Tersec, remaining clips 1-25 by LtZ )

Keys & Basses Demo       Pads  & Leads Demo  

Multi Instruments Demos (2 to 5 Massive instruments playing simultaneously)

Kriss En thèmes - Loungy Dubby -  

Step 3 Underground Funk

Step 3 Southern Rock

Commentaires utilisateurs : Echos du monde réel :)

"Thanks for doing such great sounds..."
Boris H -Ulm- In Email
"got this synth quite a while go. It is perfectly named . . . MASSIVE! Well done! The Pack sounds FANTASTIC!"
Aloysius in Kvr Forum
" The bank sounds very very good."
Restless in Kvr Forum
"I couldn't resist, because of the beautiful and because of the funky stuff: great!"
Chris B (Balear Islands) in Email
"These are great sounding presets!"
Tman2k in Kvr Forum
"Thanks! .... You made my day once again.
Your Korg presets are also getting a lot of play here recently
Montie D. Germany in Email
"Thank you very much... really great !!!"
Erol O Germany in Email
"Been through the step 3 sounds, and once again, some
serious work here (ie Manual, comments and the Macro assignments).
And again, great sounds all the way through
Mr Losan on Kvr Forum ( Thanks Losan, great in depth review :) )
"Really nice work on the classic rock sounds ! Loving it!!!"
JcSquire1 on Kvr Forum
"Thanks for the great soundbanks and the prompt service.
I am astounded by the quality of these patches, well done!
best of luck

Dec/whoomph from patcharena in Private Email
"Really loving the presets and whilst they cover a wide genre there are several I have hit the last 10 mins of playing that are inspiring so thank you.  Loving the leads for my techno/trance head and the orchestral/strings for the emotive moments. "
Mark F -UK- In Private Email
"Hi. I like your soundsets very much that I just bought recently. I was jamming with 'KY Funky Keys LTZ' for an hour or so this evening....  ..... So obviously Komplete would not be complete without them, here I am again. Keep up the great work! -Ed "
Edward T E (USA) in Email

".... Your soundsets are great. "

Charles L. ( USA) in Email, speaking of Wave Grooves AND a lot of other soundsets (2013 )

You can also read, or add, some comments on Wave Grooves in this thread, on Kvr Forum

Note : If you feel you shouldn't be quoted on our site, and wish us to remove your quote, just contact us and we'll remove the quote at once.

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