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Xtrem Tweaker Volume 1
Xtrem Tweaker Volume 1
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ACE Steroids Grand Bundle


 ACE STEROÏDS Grand Bundle est une banque d'extension de 208 Presets pour le Vsti U-He ACE

Cette banque de sons comprend : Basses (22), Claviers and Grooves (53), Pads & Brass & Strings (46), Leads (39), Fx & Sequences (28), Percussions (23) Guitars and cordes pincées (8)

Le Grand Bundle inclut tous les instruments qui peuvent être achetés separement dans les banques Asteroids 1,2 & 3

ACE Steroids est utilisable pour tous les styles musicaux, et a pour intention de vous offrir les instruments les plus utiles qui soient. Il propose un patchwork que noius esperons agreable de sons type couteau suisse, ainsi que des sons beaucoup plus complexes et innovants.

Tous les instruments ont été soigneusement crées pour beneficier de l'architecture modulaire de ACE, et sont tres expressifs, grace a l'utilisation intensive des modulations temps réels ( Roue de modulation, Velocité, Aftertouch, etc)

ASTEROIDS Grand Bundle en bref :

  • 208 instruments, clairement organisés en dossiers thematiques
  • Instruments expressifs et vivants, avec de nombreuses options de modulations temps réel.
  • Peu gourmands en CPU, tous jouables sur un PC reference PIV Single Core 3 Ghz
  • Noted de sound design incluses dans chaque patc, avec la description des modulations et de leurs effets
  • AUn manuel PDF incluant la liste des instrements, un commentaire pour chaque preset, le procedure d'installation des banques, des trucs et astuces pour AC, quelques exemples simples et utiles de cablage dans ACE.

Lotuzia (programmer of the bank) : "ACE modular architecture allows powerfull sound design, but this would be pointless without the uberquality of its filters, ultrafast and precise enveloppes, and the overall sonic quality thanks to its audio rate functionalities. Then, its really fun to build instruments with all the cables. ACE allows very precise sound sculpting, and the instruments will cut in a mix with a lively unique touch ."

Note : ACE Steroids est Mac compatible   Link To U-HE Ace Vsti Website

Requirements : ACE V1.0, PIV 3 Ghz Single Core computer ou equivalent.

Audio Demos : Comme d'habitude ces demos sont la verité nue de nos banques d' ACE : Aucun Fx, EQs, compresseurs, n'ont été utilisés/ajoutés : Seulement ACE et ses effets internes.  Exception : La  même Reverb generique ( Aether ) a été appliquée sur toutes les demos.

 Démos Instruments Séparés : Une instance d' ACE pendant during 4/8 mesures our chaque instrument.

Asteroids 1 Bass Leads Guitar & Plucks

Asteroids 2 Keys Grooves Instruments Fx & Sequences

Asteroids 3 Pads & Percussions

Minisongs Demos : Plusieurs instruments ACE jouant ensemble

Funky DiscOo


Users Demos : Uses several instances of ACE Steroids playing simultaneaously, as well as some non ACE instruments.


( Sneaky Sound System - Edit By SunCHAser - )

You can listen to a full quality version of Pictures on Soundcloud HERE . You can also leave comments and get in touch with SunCHAser in Soundcloud

Feedback Utilisateurs  - Echoes du Monde réel

" .... Some cool sounds in there, and a lot of love went into the demos 8-) ... "

Urs Heckman, Father of ACE in Email

".... Thanks! REALLY EXCELLENT BANK!!! Very nice! Loving it "

Penguinfromdeep in Kvr forum thread

...... Simply fascinating BROAD set of sounds .... Getting loads of inspiration from a lot of these patches."

SnigelX in U-HE official forum on KVR. Btw Snigelx made a complete minireview of the patches in this thread. Thanks for the hard work to him :)

" Thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication."

Red37 in U-He official forum on Kvr, speaking also of the manual. :)

" I bought it yesterday and sampled a few presets. Every one I touched was inspirational in some way, and I've just gotten started. Purchasing Laurent's soundsets is always a no-brainer. The quality manuals are a bonus as always. "

ZombyWoof in U-HE Official forum on Kvr
" bought yesterday, all i can say is great bank. top notch bank Lotuzia Thumbs Up! "
Cain in Kvr forum thread
" I bought it right away and am enjoying very much. The quality is excellent, and the value for money is even better. "
Srcodling in U-HeOffical forum on Kvr
.....I like your soundsets very much that I just bought recently. I was jamming with 'KY Funky Keys LTZ' for an hour or so this evening ........Keep up the great work! ...."
Edward T.E , USA, in Email
" what else is left to say, except for...
Thank you for these sounds "
Losan in U-HE Official Forum on Kvr
" These presets are very, very, very good. "
Dusted William in U-HE Official Forum on Kvr  
"Bought and found some really nice stuff in these. Especially for me the lead sounds....a no brainer if you own ace. thanks for these."
Zvenx in KVR Market Place Forum

"I have these.  Highly recommended indeed.Top stuff"
Rob Lee in KVR Market Place Forum ( Rob is a talented Sound Designer. You can listen to his works for Fabfilter's Twin 2 Vsti on this page )
"thx for the very fast support, and for the sounds of course."
Marinus Kasper (Germany) in Email
"Cool stuff!  I'm lovin' the basses. One patch I didn't expect was the Tango Accordion.  I removed the delay, detuned a bit and it's honestly more playable than the accordion sample libraries I've purchased!  I don't get a large call for accordion but I'll probably use this the next time I need one!  Thanks.  -"
Trudy D'armont (USA) in Email
"..... I have enjoyed these patches very much since then ....."
Charles Lifland -Usa- In Email
"Thanks! Wonderful sounding pack of patches from you (once again) :-) "
08/2010 Nielzie, in private email
" Thanks for the really fine sound-crafting you are doing.  It is a
pleasure to hear and play
Ralph P ( USA -Ca- ) in Private email. 08/2010

".... Your soundsets are great. "

Charles L. ( USA) in Email, speaking of AceSteroids AND a lot of other soundsets

Meanwhile you can read, or add, comments on the audio demos in this thread on the Kvr forum or in this one in U-He official Forum in Kvr

Note : If you feel you shouldn't be quoted on our site, and wish us to remove your quote, just contact us and we'll remove the quote at once

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